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Complete Peanuts 1999-2000 (Vol. 25)

SKU 907580

8"x 6.5"
306 Pages

The twenty-fifth volume includes an introduction by President Barack Obama.This is the twenty-fifth volume of the bestselling series collecting every single one of the 18,000-plus strips created by Schulz from 1950-2000.

This volume collects the last year of the most beloved comic strip ever created. Rerun embarks on a career as an "underground" comic book artist. Snoopy's siblings Andy, Olaf and Spike (who cameo in the Peanuts movie) appear!

The volume is rounded out with the complete Li' l Folks published in 1948 prefiguring Peanuts and its major themes.This weekly single-panel comic Schulz produced for his hometown paper is available for the first time outside of the collector's market.